Best West Africa dishes & traditions from the whole world

Gucci lounge and restaurant is a fine Afro-fusion restaurant and lounge located at the Kilimani Estate, Nairobi, Kenya whose core mission is to showcase African culture to the world through taste & sound. 

.We also  offer a comfortable atmosphere that focuses on value and ambience.

Anything is Possible

Enjoy our luscious dishes wherever you want

Our Quality

Service Style

Gucci restaurant & lounge is categorised as a mid-scale establishment with specific dedicated African cuisine ranging from West, Central and East Africa.

Our Quaity


Our patrons most definitely want to be delighted with their dinning experience at Gucci restaurant and lounge, one way to achieve this is to let them know in advance what to expect in terms of food and also to provide some structure of  our operations.

Our Quaity

Unique Menu

Gucci restaurant & lounge’s menu include African versions of ethnic dishes, as well as more authentic food.

Gucci restaurant and lounge also offers a wider selection of sea foods prepared in ways other. than fried, such as baked, broiled and grilled.

We guarantee

30 Minutes Delivery!

If you’re having a meeting, working late at night and need an extra push. Let us know and we will be there