How does this work?

Simply put in your order by adding to basket, we deliver your favourite menu from our restaurant. Our platform enables you to enter your address, phone number, postcode for easy delivery, choose your payment method Mpesa, (Credit / Debit Card) and submit. There you go, your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

My Order is taking long to arrive?

Simply call our online customer care service, they are always  on standby to help out.

Are your menu prices the same as those at the restaurant?

Yes, prices on the website is the same as what you get on our restaurant.

How long does it take for delivery to arrive?

Our delivery usually takes within 0 – 30 minutes to arrive at your location.

Do you guys cook for occassions like wedding and birthday ceremonies?

Yes we do, kindly contact our customer care agent to make bookings with regards to your event.

Some items I ordered for are not included?

We really sorry for your inconvenience, we treat such issues as top priority, kindly contact our online customer care agent.

What are your payment options?

We accept a wide variety of payment like Mpesa, Airtel Money and Card( visa, master and verve) Payments.

How can I make table reservation?

Kindly call the mobile number on the contact page to make your reservation.

How do I make a special order?

On the checkout page,  kindly add additional information with regards  to your order.